global warming with climate change upcoming danger to earth

Over the past thousands of years, our earth has gone through many changes.Climate change is a global problem that is facing us both socially and scientifically and it is very important to deal with it well.Global warming and climate change is a problem that can affect all aspects of our lives, and because of this our future generations can suffer a lot.Similarly, global warming is also a big threat facing the world, but if it is dealt with properly, man can avoid its harm.Global warming is an environmental change that is caused by human activities, for example, the use of vehicles by humans, which produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and increases the effect of heat in the atmosphere.Global warming and climate change are two such problems that can create a big problem for humans in the future. It is important that humans together create a policy about it to create a good environment for future generations.Due to global warming, many environmental changes are being seen, for example, more floods are being seen, as well as biological and terrestrial effects, in addition to the changes in seasons and the speed of melting of snow, and the intensity of the autumn season is increasing.If climate change and global warming continue at the same rate, sea levels will continue to rise and some islands will sink below sea level in the next few years.There are also many countries that are made up of islands and will go under the sea level in the next hundred years.Due to climate change and global warming, the effects of many changes in weather are being seen, besides many losses of agriculture plants and forests are being seen.For the past decade, it has been seen that the amount of flooding has increased in many countries of South Asia, for example, in many areas of Pakistan and India, heavy monsoon rains are being seen, which is causing huge floods and causing a lot of loss of life and money to a economically small country like Pakistan.There is a great danger that if this problem is not addressed in the next few years, its effects on human life will increase and there is a risk of huge loss of life and money.Some measures must be taken by the leaders of all countries and international organizations to deal with these problems in a good way, for example, making electric vehicles and making factories that are environmentally friendly and do not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.In addition, more trees should be planted in all the countries of the world.Because humans have cut down so many trees over the last few decades, it has greatly increased global warming and climate change.Now we have to decide to grow more trees in the world to help us improve the environment.Due to global warming and climate change, there are many threats to all kinds of life on earth, for example, life in the oceans is also facing many problems.It is now the responsibility of the heads of the countries of the world and the heads of international organizations to work together to create a policy that can deal well with the problem of global warming and climate change in the future.Every individual person also has to fulfill his responsibility to keep the world clean and green.

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