5 Live Cricket Streaming Apps 2024

The most played and watched match is cricket. Cricket fans like to watch live matches. I will tell you that if you like to watch cricket, how can you watch live cricket matches through your mobile.

Well, there are thousands of apps that show live cricket matches, but I will tell you about five such apps through which you can watch live cricket matches.

5 Live Cricket Streaming Apps 2024

5 apps that you can use to watch live matches which will show you live matches with very HD quality without any loading.

  • Tamasha App
  • TapMad App
  • Jazz cricket
  • Ary zap
  • Nika TV

Tamasha App

The best and the first app for live cricket match lovers is Tamasha App through which you can watch the matches with high HD quality without loading absolutely free.

Yes, the free app will be available on Google Play Store and you can download it and enjoy the live cricket match. Watch the live cricket match on your mobile.

It has a lot of downloads on play store which means people like it a lot.I myself use this app and watch live cricket matches from here.

Apart from this, you guys can watch a lot of games here, but if the topic is cricket, then I am talking about cricket.

TapMad App

This app is the second and best app in our list through which you can watch live cricket matches with full HD quality but it is not Free so you have to pay for it.

The experience of using this app is very good this app is used by millions of people but for this you have to pay some money and get their monthly or yearly subscription.

If you people also want to download this app, then it will be easily available on google play store, download it and enjoy.

Jazz cricket

This app is absolutely free which you will find on google play store quite a lot of people are using this app it is also quite a good app the experience of using it is also good there is a lot of live streaming matches to watch on it.

It plays live matches without any buffering.Just download this app and watch live cricket matches in your mobile.

Ary Zap

All the above mentioned apps show only cricket matches or some games but this app will show people the entire TV. You can, but there is an option of live match on which you can watch live cricket match by clicking on it

That is, by using this app, you can get all kinds of entertainment, you can also watch live matches and watch movies etc.

Nika TV

This is also a kind of tv in which you people get all kinds of dramas movies cartoons etc. channels through which you can get entertainment along with you people also get a channel with live matches.

On which you can watch sports, you can watch all kinds of matches, live match-ups, people can watch here with full HD quality,

for which I am telling you this app, it is also easy from Google Play Store. You can download with aj download and get the fun of live cricket match.


In this article, I have told you in full detail how you can watch live cricket matches at home in full HD quality on your mobile, so you can watch live cricket matches using five apps. And have fun.


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