Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in 2024

As technology is advancing, new apps are being launched, so I am going to tell you about some apps through which you can check anyone’s WhatsApp details.

Who does he talk to, what does he gossip about, you people will know everything inside your WhatsApp,

so how can you run anyone’s WhatsApp in your mobile, how can you see its details? In the article I am going to explain in full detail.

I am telling you all this for educational purposes only, don’t misuse it.

Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in 2024 

Well, there are many apps through which you can extract someone’s data, but I will tell you five such apps through which you can check someone’s WhatsApp data.

  • Chat state
  • Chat chart
  • What’s tracker
  • Chat analyzer
  • What’s me

Chat state 

The first app in our list is this, through which you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data. You have to download this app. After that, you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data. Let me tell you how to use it.


  • First thing is to download this app
  • After that the person whose WhatsApp data is to be extracted has Anna in their chat.
  • Then click on the three dots above
  • Then click on the more button
  • Then click on export chat
  • Then click on included media
  • Then click on the downloaded app

Whose WhatsApp data has been extracted will be exposed to the complete chat app.

Chat chart 

The second app in our list is, through this app you can also get a chart of anyone’s WhatsApp, with whom he used to talk and when he was online. People can get the full details of WhatsApp through this app.

People will find this app easily on Google Play Store to download and enjoy.

What’s tracker

The third and best app in our list is this one, through which you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data, extract their chats, how to extract their chats, download this app.

You have to enter the WhatsApp number of the person and you can extract his WhatsApp chat. This app is very easy to find on Google Play Store.

Chat analyzer

With this app you can analyze anyone’s whatsapp chat with whom he is talking after downloading this app you have to enter his whatsapp number and after loading his

The full WhatsApp access will be exposed and you can check his full WhatsApp chat, who he talks with, what you want to check. People can easily find this app on Google Play Store.

What’s Me 

The last and fifth app in our list is this one, through which you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data, extract complete chats with whom they are talking to, so download this app which is It is available on Google Play Store and you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data.

How to secure your WhatsApp

I have told you about extracting someone’s WhatsApp data, now I will tell you some instructions that you guys can follow to keep your WhatsApp safe.

  • Two step verification
  • WhatsApp lock
  • Linked device

Two step verification 

First of all, you have to put two-step verification of your WhatsApp in which you have to verify an email in your WhatsApp and the other your phone number whenever someone tries to access your WhatsApp.

A code will be sent to your email and phone number, if you don’t share it, no one will be able to see your WhatsApp.

What’s lock 

You can also put a fingerprint or pin lock on your WhatsApp. If someone manages to access your WhatsApp, your fingerprint lock or PIN will prevent that person from logging into your WhatsApp can stop.

Linked device 

WhatsApp has a link device option in which you can login your WhatsApp in four other devices. You have to check after a week or two days that any app in your link device WhatsApp is not being used, if there is a device name in it, then click on it and log out, and if not, then your WhatsApp is saved.


In this article I have told you guys in full detail that how you guys can extract complete data of anyone’s WhatsApp, this is only for educational purposes, you guys should not misuse it. Finally, I also told you how you can protect your WhatsApp from people.


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