Hamster Kombat Mining Bot Earn Money 2024

Nowadays there are many apps on social media that you can earn money from, this is an app that is a mining app that you can earn good money by doing mining.

Before any company lists their coin they give a lot of ways to earn that coin by mining people can earn that coin after few days that company list their coin let’s talk Hamster combat when it is going to be listed and how you can earn money from it.

Hamster Kombat Mining Bot Earn Money 2024

Hamster Combat is not an app but a telegram link through which you can tap and tap to mine and get the coins that the company will list the coin and accordingly you can buy that coin. Can earn money by selling crypto.

Hamster Combat’s coin is scheduled to be listed on July 10.

3 Ways to Get Coins on Hamster Combat

Daily Reward

The first way to get money by mining is daily reward, you guys can get good coins here through daily reward.

Daily cipher

The second way to get coins by mining is by cipher. By cipher method you will see a code on Daily In Telegram or YouTube channel and that code is to be entered in this app and you will get coins here.

You can get that code will be in English but when you people put this code inside this Hamster Combat, it has their language, so you have to put the code and you people of Daily.

Daily combo

In Daily Combo you get a lot more cards that you have to buy and it increases your profit per hour and you can earn money from here.

The more you profit per hour , the more you will benefit. When it is coin list, your coins will be given according to this calculation and you can take withdraw.

2 conditions for withdrawing money in Hamster combat

Before this coin is going to be listed on July 10th, you guys need to make these three settings in your account so that you can get paid for this coin.

Connect violet

Before this coin is listed you need to connect your wallet so that you can benefit from it, you need to download Ton app from play store and connect Ton wallet with it.

Profit per hour

You must be in profit per hour and have more than one million coins in your account before a coin can be listed.



I have told you guys about the Hamster Nation bot coin through which you guys can mine and get the coin which is going to be listed on July 10th then its price will be known and you People can make a lot of money from it before you people can even sell it in the market.

This is a mining bot from here you guys can earn coins but what will be the value of this coin we will know only after July 10th.

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