Artificial Intelligence Era

In today’s era as science and technology are progressing a lot of innovations are happening.The development of science and technology starts from the twentieth century and until today science and technology have made many new inventions which have brought many benefits and conveniences to the human being.All these inventions include many things that man could not even think about before but in today’s era they have become an important part of our life.For example, if we look back at our life, we see that travel has become easier, many things of daily use have brought much more convenience.Apart from this, science and technology have made many things easier for humans in agriculture, industry, business and many aspects of life.But the biggest invention of the current era is being declared as Artificial Intelligence.Artificial intelligence is an artificial brain that is created by humans that has its own thoughts about all things in life and provides information about it to us humans. In addition, the artificial brain has so much information that it can answer all the questions in the world on its own.For example, if a person wants to ask any question related to any aspect of life, he can ask the artificial brain.These questions can be related to anything like film industry, social media, agriculture industry, textile industry and any aspect of life can be involved.You can write articles with an artificial brain, you can write custom boxes, and anything else you want to write, you just order and the artificial intelligence will write it.Humans can get benefit from artificial intelligence in science and technology, humans can get benefit from artificial intelligence related physics, chemistry, biology, computers, and many other scientific and technological fields.Artificial intelligence or artificial brain has a lot of benefits but it also has many disadvantages. Humans should only use it for benefit, but if it is used to harm humans, it can create a huge disaster for humanity.For example, if a person misuses it, you can’t even imagine how terrible the results will be.Last year a virus opened the pool of all human development and human suffered a huge loss. Likewise, if this artificial brain is used wrongly, many problems will arise for the whole world and it will not be able to fight with human. Therefore, this artificial brain should be used for the benefit of humanity and not for the destruction of humanity.That is why today man has to decide how it can be used for the benefit of mankind and everyone should make a policy through which it is used for a specific purpose that is used for the benefit of humanity and all humans can get benefit from it.On the other hand, humans can also use the artificial brain for entertainment and can create things with it that can play an important role in keeping humans happy.All the mentioned things should be followed by man in order to avoid any major accident in future and to save the world from destruction and to get benefit.In particular, it should be used for the development of agriculture and industrial development to find immediate solutions to all the problems faced by man.That is why the people of all the countries of the world should work together to formulate a policy that can be used to benefit from it at every level.

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