Facebook Monetization started

As you all know that the use of Facebook has become very common in all countries of the world.Through Facebook, people in all countries stay in touch with each other and are aware of each other’s daily activities, at the same time, many newspapers broadcast their information on TV and other social media platforms to people through Facebook, in addition to this, people share their daily activities with other friends.Apart from this, people also use Facebook to advertise their products and many companies use Facebook to advertise their products.Nowadays the option of videos on Facebook has become common through which people get entertainment through Facebook and also share their daily activities with their friends and that too in the form of videos.That’s why people all over the world like facebook so much that’s why facebook management decided to monetize facebook and many people are earning money through this facebook if you also want to earn money through facebook then you can easily earn money through facebook.Facebook monetization has started a few years ago if you also share your activities on Facebook through your videos and photos then there is a golden opportunity for you to earn money from Facebook because this method is very easy and you can earn good amount on Facebook by working two hours daily.In this article you will find the complete method of Facebook monetization. You have to read this article completely, after that you will be able to do Facebook monetization easily.How to start monetization here you are told you have to go to your facebook settings there you will be shown monetization option you have to click on it and enter all your details after that your facebook will be monetized you can get your payment through your bank.Now you have turned on facebook monetization now you can easily get paid by uploading your videos and photos on facebook you have to do this very carefully because according to facebook policy you can’t upload any content which is harmful to people.Now you can continue to use Facebook on a daily basis and also use it as the best way to earn money.You have to credit your Facebook page today and post your daily activities in video format on daily basis.The more videos you upload, the more people will watch your video, the more views you will receive, the more money you will earn. On Facebook page you can also upload more than one video on daily basis so that more people will see your activities.This way you will be able to earn more dollars daily and weekly through your bank.You just have to keep in mind that the videos you have to upload on the Facebook page on a daily basis.

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