Best top 3 online earning apps in 2024

Hello friends as you know that every person can earn money through online application it is a different thing that many people don’t know how to earn money online or how to download applications or download them.

How is work done, then our topic is related to how you can earn from online applications and how you can work on them and how you can do the complete process in this article.

You must read this article completely, it will benefit you a lot, but I am going to tell you five applications that you can use to earn money sitting at home in any country.

Before telling you, let me tell you that in all these applications, you will not need any investment, but whatever you want to earn, you have to earn for yourself and you can withdraw it to any of your bank accounts or PayPal accounts.

If you can, let us now share the review of these five applications with you.

If you start working well on even one of them, then you can earn your handsome amount sitting at home. Start the



The first application that everyone knows about and many people are earning from it is the name of YouTube.

You can also give information to people or entertain people, but most of the people upload videos here to earn money. By uploading videos, you can earn money along with sharing your information.

Select your unique content and start working on it. YouTube is an application that if there is good content, it definitely gives views to everyone. Many people are earning money by showing their content on YouTube.

What kind of content do you like or what kind of content do you have more knowledge about? Start it, then, God willing, you can also start earning. YouTube’s rule is that if you have 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours of watch time. After that, your earnings will start, that is, you will first achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, then your channel will be monetized, after that, you will start earning from YouTube on all the views you get.

You can get this up-income in your bank account, so this application is very popular, every person already has it and many people are also earning money from it. You can also choose your content and Start earning money

Snack video

Now we tell you about the second application that how you can earn money from it. The second application that gives a lot of money is also a bit difficult to work on, but you have to work hard to earn money.

The name is Snack Video App. You can earn money by uploading and inviting videos and sitting live. Along with earning money, you can make your shore video viral on it, that is,

if you have any information. You can share it with your fans and people or you have knowledge or you can entertain your friends here then this has also become a very good shorts application from where you can earn money as well as share your knowledge. Hurry up if you can.

If you don’t have it, download the Snack Video app and start earning money by uploading videos from it. Its algorithm is also very easy. If you work on it regularly, your videos. It will start going viral




Now we move to the third application, this is also a shorts application and it is very famous all over the world. You can also earn money from here.

You can earn lakhs of rupees by uploading the application from here and from here you can also earn money by monetizing your account. For account monetization you need to know some rules like Up Tik Tok is monetized only in Europe countries.

To monetize, you need to have 10 thousand followers and 100,000 views in just one month. If you create your account in Canada and follow the complete instructions, your account will be monetized in the same way.

Live is also the same. You can do live in Europe countries only. In doing live, the host is gifted, in which they purchase the gift and gift it to their favorite host.

If you entertain in best this way, then people will also send you gifts, besides, you can make yourself viral by making videos viral here and make your knowledge and entertainment a source of people.


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