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Hello friends today’s topic is going to be very special if you read this topic completely then you will get something.

Now we are going to talk about an application that is present in almost every mobile.

Yes, you probably understand that I am talking about WhatsApp, which we usually use to keep in touch with each other.

Well, there is no special or difficult way to use it, but there are some tricks that some people know.

Now I am going to tell you some special features of this application which will help you a lot and also make it easy for you to talk.

So let’s start this topic.

The first trick of WhatsApp is if you have a guy attached to you who keeps sending you photos and videos for no reason at All the videos and photos from him are not saved in the gallery of Up, but remain in WhatsApp.So for that you must use what I am going to tell you.

        First of all

For this, first of all, open your WhatsApp and click on the DP of the person whom you want to disable this option.

As soon as you click, you will see three options below his profile picture, one is chat, the other is call, and the third is (i) button show.

You have to click on (I) button.

So you will see a lot of options in front of you, you have to find the Media Visibility option and click on it.

So you will see three types of options, yours will be (on) (yes), you have to click on (no) option and click OK.

The benefit of this will be that all the videos and photos sent by this person will remain in your WhatsApp, but will not be saved in your gallery, which will also save your mobile data.

I can say for sure that you didn’t know about this option, if you didn’t know, try it now, it’s a great option.

   Second trick

Now let’s go to the other trick, I can say with certainty that this trick is not even known to you.

Now let’s go to the other truck, I can say with certainty that this trick is not even known to you.

That is why that method is used.

Open your WhatsApp and open this guy’s profile picture and click on the (I) button.

So you will see many similar options, then you have to click on it after seeing these disappearing message.

So as soon as you click, you will see many options like 24 hours, seven days, 90 days, you can select this option when you want to delete the chat with this person.

 Last trick

Apart from this, if you are worried that whoever wants to add you to any group, then you can get rid of this tension.

Now I am going to tell you a trick by which no one will be able to unknowingly add you to a group unless you want to.

To use this trick, open your WhatsApp and you will see the option of three dots, click on it.

And at the bottom you will see setting option click on setting.

After that you will see an option on the third number of privacy settings click on it.

And here bro you will find more options that you can use.

But let’s move to our topic, you have to scroll a bit, you will see an option of groups, you have to click on it.

As soon as you click on the option of groups, you will see three types of options.


In these options, you can select what you like, if you want only those who are my contacts to be able to add me to a group, then you will click on my context and make it OK, then only those people can add me to a group.

will be able to add to the group which is saved in your context or in your mobile.

If I start telling you WhatsApp tricks, this sketch will be full but not finished, so I will tell you in another sketch, that’s all for now.


Thanks for reading.

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