How to create channel & and earn money from YouTube


Friends our topic of today’s is going to be very important because today’s which I am going to tell you application is present in every mobile but many people still don’t know how to earn money from it.

A lot of people are making money from here but no one tells you the right way to do it and complete the process.

This is an application  that everyone knows that money can be earned from here, but many people are making money from it, and many people are not.

That’s why I am going to tell you the complete process from creating an account with it to earning and withdrawing nickels in your bank in full detail.

Yes, you may have understood that I am talking about YouTube.

YouTube earning methods. 

Everyone knows how we can earn money from YouTube. Full details are available to most of the people but still they don’t try to earn money from it.

The first step you have to take to earn money from YouTube is to create a new account and select its category.

What kind of content you will create on this channel and entertain people or give information or any content you want to create, decide first.

You can share your content with the public in the form of Living Video or short video.

But if you create a living video and if your video starts going viral, you will be paid more than shorts by YouTube.

In the beginning you just have to work hard and upload videos until your requirements are met

There are only two requirements from YouTube to monetize a channel.

Monetization requirements.

The first requirement is that you have to have 1000 subscribe and the second requirement is that you have to collect 4000 hours of watch time.

If you meet these requirements, your channel will be monetized by YouTube and your AdSense will be connected to YouTube.

After that your earning will be started if the views on your long videos are started then your earning will start.

Short video earning 

Similarly, if your shorts video reaches 10 million views within a month, your shorts video channel will also be monetized.

You will not be paid for the first ten million views, but when the channel is monetized, YouTube will give you your earnings based on the number of views you get.

YouTube is a very good application where we can earn money as well as share our information and knowledge with people and we can entertain people.

It is a social media platform where every common man can work and increase his fan following.

Also you may know many YouTubers who got fame from YouTube and now they are earning money from every application.

YouTube is an application where we can watch anything we want that is legally bonfire.

You can watch videos, movies and all kinds of videos on YouTube absolutely free with only net package.

On YouTube you can create two types of content, one for adults and the other for kids.

If you create content for young children, for example a cartoon or a poem, you will receive less money.

As you know kids keep watching the same video again and again and due to watch time your videos go to million so you earn almost same as other content.

To evaluate this, when you upload a video, you will see an option Four Adults and Four Kids, if the content is for adults, then you will choose the first option, if your content is for kids. You will use the second option.

You can add a nice edited picture to make your video more attractive to people so that more people click on it and watch your video.I am sure that this outline of today’s will be very informative and knowledgeable for you.

My main purpose of writing this article is to spread knowledge and information.

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