How to earn money from Facebook

Hello friends, as you know that social media is the age and every person has many applications in their mobiles which we can earn money but

we don’t pay attention to them and keep wasting our time. Which does not benefit us, but is a waste of time.

I am going to tell you about an application that you use on your mobile every day, wasting your time and in addition to this.

The application does not have any benefit but you can be sure that this is an application from which you can earn millions of rupees sitting at home and also share your knowledge and entertainment with people if you create your account on this application.

If you do good work by creating a page, then your fan following will be enough and if you want to earn, you can monetize the same page and earn.

How to earn money from Facebook

Yes, I am talking about Facebook, which every Facebook is an application that is present in almost every mobile phone and they use it many times every day in their daily life.

If it does for Zia, then stop wasting your uptime and start earning money from it. How to earn, you will get the complete method here in the return form.

If you read this article completely, then inshallah you will also get a good account from Facebook. You can earn a lot of money but as you know that to earn money you have to work hard so it is on this application

if you want to earn money then you have to work hard and find good content that people see and like.

Do remember that you can’t earn money from SIMPLE, you need a page on which you upload a special type of video that people watch and like, then if you monetize that page, your earning will start.

You must have given many Facebook stars who are earning money from here. Also let me tell you that your simple ID is not your page but it is just your personal Facebook ID. If you want to create a page, then open your

Facebook page and on one side you will see your DP or profile photo or there will be an option of three lines, then click there.

More details

You will get options, out of which you will see a page written in one option, click on this option, if your page is already created, you will see it here, but if not,

you will see a page. You will see the option of Create, as soon as you click on the option of Create, you will see the option of Get Started below, as soon as you click on Get Started, you will have to select the name of your page.

You want to create your own page by name. After selecting the name of the page, you have to select the category of the page, that is, on which content you want to work or on which content you want to make your videos, you have to write it here, for example.

But if you want to tell people how to earn money online, then you can write online earning here, and if you want to make funny and entertaining videos, then you can put funny or comedy videos here.

You will select your category, then your page will be created, after the page is created, you can upload videos on it.

After that, whoever views your page, you can earn from it and withdraw your earnings to any of your bank accounts.

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your friends so that they can also start earning money by creating their own Facebook page.

Thanks for reading

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