How to Earn money with TikTok in 2023

Online earning has become much easier today, you can also earn money online, but today I will tell you how you can earn money online in this article related to Tik Tok. I will tell you what are the methods by which you can earn money from Tik Tok and how you can earn money. The complete procedure will be told.

There are many ways to earn money from Tik Tok but I will tell you some special ways by which you can earn a lot of money.

  • Tiktok monitization
  • Creater fund
  • Permotion your business
  • Earn with permotions

TikTok monitization

In 2023, Tik Tok has announced its monetization, in which you can earn a lot of money from Tik Tok.

Currently, these are for certain countries, but slowly there is a possibility of spreading to the whole world. You guys have to monetize your tik tok and you will get money what are the requirements to monetize tik tok do you know.


To monetize Tik Tok you need about four things First of all you need 10 thousand followers then you need 1 lakh views within a month Your age should be more than 18 years and your video should be more than 1 minute Should be big then you guys can monetize through Tik Tok and earn money from there.

How much money does Tik Tok pay for 1000 views?

It is calculated on the basis of countries if your views are coming from European countries then you guys will get very good RPM and you can earn good money but if your views are coming from any other country. So according to Europe country you will get less money.

After earning money, you can withdraw money from Tik Tok every 15th Date.

Creater fund

With the monetization of Tik Tok, only those people can earn money by uploading videos whose video is more than one minute, but if your video is less than one minute and you want to earn money from Tik Tok, then creator for you.

Fund allowance has been made. To earn money by uploading a video of less than one minute on Tik Tok, you have to apply to the creator fund. You can apply absolutely free without any conditions, as long as your age is more than 18 years. Your account must and must comply with TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

After that, according to the views of your video, money will be deposited in your creator fund, and you can also withdraw it.

Permote your business

As you know Tik Tok is a short video platform through which you can earn money by promoting any type of business. But you guys can upload videos on Tik Tok for free, make them viral and take your traffic to any type of business, you can sell a product, etc., you can do business promotion of a shop, etc.

Earn with permotions

If you don’t have any protection or shop or business that you want to promote then you can get money by promoting other people’s things by adding your email to your account. You have to give money on which people will contact you and give you money to promote your product etc.

This method is very viral. You can earn a lot of money from it. Promote Anything Everyone’s Stuff and Earn Money Big Creators Are Making Money By Following The Same Thing.


In today’s article, I have told you people in full detail how you can earn money from Tik Tok. Earning money from Tik Tok has become much easier, so many people have earned money from TikTok. But I have told you some ways by which it is possible to earn the most money.




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