WhatsApp Messenger Call recorder in 2023

You people must also be using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is currently being used by more than five billion users.

WhatsApp keeps adding many new features and updates and there are many more tricks through which you can use your WhatsApp.

To enhance the experience of using WhatsApp, I will tell you in this article in full detail how you can record a call on WhatsApp Messenger.

There is no such option in WhatsApp. In which you can record someone’s WhatsApp call, but I will tell you an app through which you can easily record WhatsApp calls.

Record WhatsApp video call

There are two types of WhatsApp calls, one is voice call and the other is video call. I am going to tell you how to record a voice call and how to record a video. Before talking about how you guys can record a video call, then video call up people know that it is done on the speaker, you guys can never make a video call in low sound.

So the best way to record it is that you guys can use any kind of screen recorder, through screen recording you guys will be able to record your screen and also record your voice. The best way to record a WhatsApp video call is to use any type of recorder in your mobile.

In ios

If you want to record WhatsApp video call in iPhone, then you don’t have to download any app. By default, it has an option through which you can record your mobile screen and share it with your friends. WhatsApp can also record video calls.

In Android mobiles

But if you want to record the video call in WhatsApp of your Android mobile, that is also a very wonderful method. You have to download a screen recorder in your mobile. By using which you will be able to record WhatsApp video calls.

Best screen recorder

  • Az screen recorder
  • Glip screen recorder

Az screen recorder

In google play store you guys have to search easy screen recorder and you will find this app download it enable all permissions after that you guys have to tap on it once and a pop up will appear.

It will appear on the screen by clicking on it, if you ever want to record the screen of your WhatsApp or anywhere, then you can do it, the screen of WhatsApp or any app will also be recorded and the voice will also be recorded.

For the record, I’ve been using it for quite some time and it’s been fantastic, never had a complaint.

Glip screen recorder

This screen recorder called Glip in play store has become very popular because it is known for its sound quality. Will use it, it’s pretty awesome.

I have been using it for a long time now I use it to record any kind of screen you guys can also use it to record WhatsApp video calls anyways.

Record WhatsApp voice call

First I have told you how to record a WhatsApp video call, now I am going to tell you how to record a WhatsApp voice call Record WhatsApp Voice Call To do this you have to download an app. The details of the app and how to use the procedure will be explained in the next paragraph. Its name is cube Acr.

Cube Acr WhatsApp recorder

The best and amazing app to record WhatsApp voice call is called Cube ACR. You can download it from Google Play Store. It records WhatsApp calls in a very good way. Kind of noise is not in whatsapp call recorder u guys can use it i am using it for long time i find this app very amazing u guys also use it and enjoy.



In this article I have told you in complete detail how you can record WhatsApp video or voice call.



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