Join WhatsApp beta version

Join WhatsApp beta version

In this age of technology, more than five billion people are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become our need through which we can communicate with each other. WhatsApp is a very big name in technology.

You people must also be using WhatsApp, I will tell you how to join the beta version on WhatsApp, why you have to join the beta version on WhatsApp, how to do it, the complete procedure will be explained in this article.

There are some new features in WhatsApp.You will get them first if you read this article completely.

Join WhatsApp beta version


What is the benefit of WhatsApp beta?

How to join the beta version of WhatsApp, I am going to tell you the complete procedure in this article, but before that, let me tell you one thing, what is the benefit of the beta version of WhatsApp to you?

Let me tell you what is the benefit of using the beta version.There are two versions of WhatsApp, WhatsApp and WhatsApp beta. This is that whenever a new feature is introduced in WhatsApp,

they are first shown the WhatsApp beta version, they use the feature, if they like the feature, they give feedback to the company through which WhatsApp

The company of the app also adds that feature in the normal WhatsApp, that is, if you have joined the beta version of WhatsApp,

then you people will get the feature of WhatsApp first and you can use it and Will give feedback to WhatsApp so that they can add this feature in normal WhatsApp as well.

How to join WhatsApp Beta?

If you people want to join the beta version of any app then you people have to search for that app in play store and under it you will find the option of join beta version and from there you people need to WhatsApp or any other app. A beta version of the app that they could do.

But due to more users of WhatsApp, the join option of WhatsApp beta version has been removed from play store. If you click there, you can’t join the beta version.

If you want to join the version, then I will give you a button at the end of this article, by clicking on which you can join the beta version of WhatsApp in your mobile.

Join WhatsApp beta version

Beta version of WhatsApp A website of WhatsApp itself, the link of which will be given at the end, through which you will be able to join the beta version of WhatsApp.

After joining whatsapp beta version go to play store and update your whatsapp after update your whatsapp will transfer to beta version then new feature of whatsapp will be first in your mobile will come.


In this article you have been given to know about the beta version of WhatsApp in full detail, why you should join the beta version of WhatsApp, what are the benefits of WhatsApp beta version, the full details in this article. It has been told that you guys should also read the article completely so that you guys can fully understand how to join the beta version of WhatsApp.




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