Best WhatsApp features in 2023

In this era of competition, there are many apps compared to WhatsApp, but no one can compete with WhatsApp, so WhatsApp keeps launching new features every day. Today I will tell you some new features of WhatsApp which are launched in 2023 and are very useful.

By the way, there are many new features of WhatsApp, but I will tell you about some specific features, which are very important and very important features of WhatsApp.

In this article, I will tell you about five new awesome features that have been launched in WhatsApp and there are quite a few cool features that I am using myself and your experience using WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp features in 2023

Here are five new WhatsApp features that have launched in 2023 and are quite cool.

  • WhatsApp channel
  • Message edit
  • Video message
  • Screen shot blocked in once views option
  • Create call link

WhatsApp channel

There are many good features recently launched in WhatsApp but the best feature is the channel of WhatsApp. Now you can create a channel on WhatsApp just like YouTube and here people will follow you and you People will get a lot more fan following.

These are similar to WhatsApp groups, but in this you can add limited members and send your message to people.

Create your WhatsApp channel by clicking on the Plus icon and increase your fan following on WhatsApp as well.

Message Edit

The newly launched feature of WhatsApp is quite amazing, which is WhatsApp message edit, now you can edit the message sent on WhatsApp, earlier you used to send only the message on WhatsApp and if wrong.

If the message was sent, then you had to delete it and send a new message, but WhatsApp has given the option to edit the WhatsApp message, now if you send a wrong message to someone, long press on it and edit the message.

Video message

As the technology of WhatsApp is increasing, by the way, more and more new features are coming in WhatsApp. Earlier, WhatsApp only had the call option. After some time, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp video call option.

There was this message option in the app, now WhatsApp has also launched the video message option, by clicking on which you can create your own small video, just like you used to create WhatsApp stickers and the next one. You can enjoy the chat by sending.

Screen shot blocked in once views option

Some time ago, WhatsApp had launched an option of Once View, through which the next person could see the photo or video only once if the next person sends a photo or video by activating the once View option.

But some people used to save this photo etc. by taking a screenshot of it, but now WhatsApp has launched a new feature. Can’t take a screenshot of it.

Create call link

This feature of WhatsApp has greatly benefited the option of WhatsApp group call. Earlier, when many friends used to call on WhatsApp together, some of them used to be rude, so they would not use this call.

used to miss out, but now through this link, that person can join the call on WhatsApp whenever he wants, which is going on with his friends.Just create the call link and send your friends who will be free to join the call.


In this article, you are told in detail five features of WhatsApp that enhance the experience of using WhatsApp.

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