Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in 2023

Today, more than five billion people have created their account on WhatsApp.All our personal things like documents etc are saved in WhatsApp.

Every person wants his/her personal things to be safe on WhatsApp in his/her mobile, you guys must also want the same.

Now I will tell you some ways through which you can track someone’s WhatsApp and I will tell you some ways by which you can secure your WhatsApp.

Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in 2023

In this paragraph, I will tell you about five apps through which you can see someone’s WhatsApp in your mobile and track their complete WhatsApp.

  • W-track last seen
  • WhatsApp web
  • Chat state
  • Whats  me
  • WhatsApp tracker

W-track last seen

I have been using this app for a long time, through this you can check anyone’s WhatsApp details, when they are online, when they go offline, after entering their number, click on the start button.

By clicking on it, the details of his complete last scene of WhatsApp will be shown in front of you. It is true that the last scene of WhatsApp has also been done, so you can still see the last scene of his WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web

This tool can help you in many ways through which you can run any WhatsApp in your other laptop PC Macbook etc.

You have to click on the three dots, you have to click on the link device and you have to click on the link device, after that you have to search the WhatsApp website in your computer laptop or macbook, you have to open the first website and here You will get a QR code,you have to scan this QR code through your mobile, your full WhatsApp or whose WhatsApp you are doing this with, the full WhatsApp will be displayed on the computer like this.

You will be able to see someone’s WhatsApp in your mobile within few minutes.

Chat state

Through this app you can check someone’s WhatsApp details, you can search this app in google play store and you will find this app which you can download easily. Open it, enable all permissions,

it will connect with your words app, then go to the WhatsApp chat of whoever you want to check, click on the three dots, click on More, and export chat. Click on Include Media and click on the downloaded app, complete details will be displayed.

What’s me

Well, there are many applications that help to extract someone’s WhatsApp data but I was going to tell you about some important applications so this application is also one of them. You guys can extract someone’s data, you have to enter his number on which he has created WhatsApp and click on start and the details will be done.

WhatsApp tracker

Earlier I have told you about four apps, this app works best, it is very easy to extract someone’s WhatsApp data, but I tell you again that you should not do wrong with anyone.

And check someone’s WhatsApp data only with your compulsion, don’t check someone’s personal things, so after downloading this app, put someone’s WhatsApp number in it and from there you can extract their data.

How to secure your WhatsApp?

There are many ways to secure WhatsApp, let me tell you one main method through which you can protect your WhatsApp from being hacked. Enable two-step verification to prevent your WhatsApp from being tracked and give your WhatsApp more security.


In this article, I have told you in full detail about five such apps through which you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data. Don’t look at personal things.

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